Our Farm

Finca Cielo Verde is a place privileged for the beauty of its surroundings. It consists of 18 hectares running from the foot of the hills to one of its summits.
It is located in the area Los Los , and has its own nature reserve in yunga transition zone and enjoys a special microclimate for the guidance of its hills.
With three kms from the picturesque town of Chicoana , you can enjoy the singing of birds, the scent of flowers and majestic trees.
The initiative for this project stems from the idea of ​​sharing a passion for bird watching and photography that are in place, to observe the natural vegetation or just relax in a place of relaxation and energy.

About Us

We are a small family farm in Salta. In our little piece of the Yungas we have vineyards, and we make our wine Los Los. We also produce fruits, vegetables and homemade sweets.
Always working to respect and admire nature gradually we achieved to build a home for native flora and fauna.
We´ve recently decided to open the doors of this wonderful place to share the richness of Cielo Verde. We enjoy every visit and every person, they take part in this beautiful project that aims to create a nature reserve and a home for the traveler.

Los Los Wine

You can enjoy a tasting of our tannat wine and soon our sparkling wine, we also give classes of marriage and winemaking.

Bed & Breakfast

Our Casa Grande offers double rooms and the comfort of a country house with colonial touches and English styling. From a cava, extensive libraries, a bar and a quincho for 50 people.